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Safe Patient Handling Blog

Single-handed care is very much the ‘hot topic’ in the moving and handling field at the moment, but what does it mean or what expectations do people have? Adam Ferry explores the various meanings and expectations that are associated with the practice. 

Personal care helps to maintain personal hygiene, reduce the risk of infections, support the maintenance of skin integrity and increase an individual's confidence to engage socially. In this blog post, Adam Ferry highlights how important personal care activites are to individual's with limited independence.

An estimated 1.2million elderly people are affected by loneliness in the UK. This blog post explores the role that Occupational Therapists have in helping to combating loneliness amongst elderly people.

Invacare specialises in key pieces of Safe Patient Handling equipment that offer an effortless approach to moving and handling tasks; providing comfort, care and most importantly safety. This blog gives an overview on why Invacare’s Safe Patient Handling range is so well suited to community and residential care settings and will help support decision making for the equipment element of the TILEE risk assessment method.

A typical day in the life of an Occupational Therapist, with insight provided by Adam Ferry and The OT Service.

Invacare Safe Patient Handling

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